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At the Law Offices of Nathaniel Muller, we believe that most clients’ decisions and strategies have wider implications that need to be understood.  Nathaniel Muller offers a unique angle on all aspects of your case, and will assist you personally every step of the way.

We advise our clients on the wider implications of their decisions, fashion creative solutions and build a global strategy in order to achieve a satisfying outcome.

We pride ourselves in providing high quality legal services, personalized attention and responsiveness.

You will be in contact with a single attorney, who will handle all aspects of your file from beginning to end. Phone calls and emails are personally answered by your lawyer - not a secretary.

In addition, Nathaniel Muller, an attorney both in France and New York, fluent in several languages, has a keen understanding of international issues, as well as overall impacts that local solutions can have on our clients’ goals worldwide.

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with practical, efficient and successful solutions to all their legal needs.

Nathaniel Muller is an energetic and outgoing individual. He prides himself in getting to know his clients as people and not as "cases". He is a great listener and will not leave any question unanswered nor any stone unturned. He will go above and beyond in order to achieve the best outcome.  He is very much appreciated by his clients and colleagues alike, for his detail oriented, creative, straightforward, no non-sense approach.

After studying law in France and United States, Nathaniel Muller became a member of the New York Bar and successfully passed the Bar in Paris, France.

Nathaniel Muller is a member of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, has been featured in the French District and has been invited as a guest speaker in various forums.