Corporate and Business


Acquiring a starting a new business?

You need to think first in which State to incorporate, and what kind of entity should be filed.   

Your goals and particulars of your situation will have a direct effect on these choices. 

Your relationships with your business partners, during their lifetime and  beyond, the respective rights and obligations of the business partners and their heirs, will all be governed by the initial operating agreement or shareholders’ agreement that should be drafted simultaneously with the initial steps of establishing the entity. 

The same is true for your contracts with employees, vendors, clients and/or other business relations.  Professional standards and contractual forms should be drafted early on. 

Are there any licenses required for the activity you are contemplating? 

How do you limit personal liabilities? 

Do you need guidance in the financing process? 

We will assist you with all these issues and more. 

Being in business is an exciting venture, and it is essential to be well advised.  We will accompany you throughout the process of establishing the enterprise, and also once it is running.  We are committed to your ongoing success.